Don’t despair

1. Bro, just wanted to mention, when you talk to non-Muslims, go easy. I felt you were getting excited. Be calm bro.
2. I feel what you’re saying. But these people don’t listen you know. At least talk to someone who is open minded.
1. Yeah man but things you say and how you say them matter. They might not agree with you, but they might be like, that Muslim guy was alright.
2. Yeah.
1. Besides, you don’t know how people take things, they might not agree now, but could think about what you said later.
2. But some of these people don’t get it.
1. Look at Umar, the Khalifa. Look how rough he was, he used to beat Muslims.
2. People were afraid of him. His feet would touch the ground when he was on a horse.
1. Yeah exactly, he was so tall. He didn’t accept Islam initially. He rejected it. So my point is go easy bro, you never know. Thing is, it don’t matter.
2. But why are you talking so long for?
1. Yeah it went over, but it’s just a conversation.
2. But what’s the point?
1. It’s just exchanging views man. Sometimes it’s okay to do that.
2. Ahan, thing is, just gotta find yourself you know, I’m 20 years old, so just gotta do your best.
1. I’m still trying to find myself. Someone today just told me you gotta keep the faith…and I’m like yeah, but sometimes things can happen to you, and you lose hope.
2. You should really hang out with people who know you man. Like for quite a while, a few years at least. Change your company, go places that encourage you, you know?
1. But you can lose hope, and question so many things.
2. Yeah bro, that’s why I’m sayen’. Just don’t despair.
1. Yeah…
2. Don’t despair. Alright bro, later.