He shook my hand

[Talking to a helpful salesperson. By talking to this young guy, I knew he was a good kid, genuine and someone I could maybe even call a friend.]
1. Some shoes are 600 bucks. People buy Rossignols and Monclers without even looking twice.
2. Are you serious?
1. Yeah they’re like gimme two of these even.
2. Just like that.
1. Just like that.
2. Are they white? [smile] They probably are?
[The salesman was also white…]
1. No not really…they’re all sorts.
[Spent a good while trying on different shoes but to no avail. ]
2. Oh well, wish I could find something. Thanks though.
[Brief pause.]
[And then he stuck his hand out. We shook.]
[And it hit me again. How many times have I had a good conversation and wanted to shake their hand in the end but didn’t? No, this is not the way…]