1. Oh you’re Afghani right?
2. Yeah. And you?
1. Pakistani.
2. Oh okay.
1. You speak Farsi?
2. Dari.
1. Oh.
2. It’s like Farsi.
1. Oh just a few words that are different. Basically a different accent?
2. Yeah…Iranians can’t understand us as much as we can understand Farsi.
1. So you grew up in Afghanistan?
2. Actually no, Russia. I left Afghanistan when I was 1.
1. Oh. So you speak Russian?
2. Yeah.
1. Perfect?
2. Fluent, perfect, yeah. [smile]
1. Nice…but do they workout in Afghanistan, are there gyms?
2. Yeah man.
1. Serious?
2. Yeah.
1. But bombs are being dropped and people are being killed.
2. I know but life goes on there. They even have water parks and all.
1. Wow.
2. But those people are strong.
1. Yeah man the Afghanis and Pakistanis are crazy.
2. They don’t give up. Hopefully one day.
1. That’s the power of those people that these people here don’t like…they don’t give up. They keep coming. Yeah hopefully one day this will all stop.
2. Inshallah.
1. Inshallah.