Ecuador, India, Iran and inter-marriage

1. That’s a good deal.
2. Yeah that’s why I’m taking it!
1. I always look for those deals too.
[cashier scans the items]
2. You’re from…
1. Ecuador
2. Yeah I can tell from your accent, South American. But you know you look so Indian.
1. That’s what everyone tells me.
2. Or you can look Iranian.
1. That’s what my husband is.
2. From Iran?
1. Yes.
2. Is he Muslim?
1. Yes he is.
2. Oh. And you?
1. Christian.
2. Oh.
1. Yes, it works out well, married 24 years.
2. Kids?
1. Yes 2 boys.
2. Are they Muslim?
1. Well…part and part. They know what’s good and bad…
2. Oh. Have you bin to Iran?
1. No never, too scared…the government you know…
2. It’s not like that, there are so many people that go in and out of the country every year.
1. I know but it’s just that feeling.
2. It’s completely safe, nothing to worry about, you should go!