Juma – Master (planner) and slaves

Allah does not make mistakes. 

If a corporation runs with a leader then how do you think this universe runs?

Human beings don’t change.  Khamr was there before.  All forms of vice have been present before.  The form may be slightly different. People indulged then, and they indulge now.

Allah is our master.  Sometimes we cannot see beyond an incident.  Allah measures the ratio of when to release oxygen and when to take it. Everything is measured by Allah to a “T.”  An ant can’t take a bite without Allah.

Know that Allah is the best of planners.  Just because you might see something as evil, Allah knows best.

Just like a regular employee does not know what executives will ever do, ilm-al-ghaib is ghaib.  You will never know what Allah thinks out right.

Every leaf that falls is planned.  We are just slaves of Alah.
How do we have the audacity to question Allah? We need to internalize that Allah is the master and we are his slaves.  Be the best slave you can be, this is what happens Allah has asked of us.

Surah Bakarah:
There are things that you might hate, that are good for you and things you love, that are bad for you but Allah knows and you know not.