Pakistanis have the best Biryani

[Young guy jumps in my car thinking I’m an Uber driver even though I’m the one asking him for directions!]
1. Hey, I’m looking for X.
2. Not sure.  Can you hold on man? [Speaking to his friends.]
1. Uhh, yeah sure.
2. Where you at Vino?  You guys left me, what the ****.  I don’t even know where I am…Sorry man, it’s raining out here, can I get in?
1. Okay.
2. My friends just ditched me,  I don’t know what happened man, and I’m totally drunk.  We were all just taking a piss and the next thing they’re all gone!
1. What?? 
1. I know man, it’s messed up.  Can you help me out man?
1. What’s up?
2. They’re at Y.  Can you take me there, I got $20.
1. But I’m here to check out X.
2. Please man.  I need to get there ASAP.
1. Are you Arab? Muslim?
2. Indian man.
1. Oh, like from where?
2. Gujrat.  You?
1. I’m Pakistani.
2. I love Pakistanis!
2. My boy is Pakistani, Ahmed, yeah man.  You guys are the best!
[Thinking he might be too drunk but definitely a nice guy]
2. Yo you guys got the best Biryani!
1. True.  It’s so addictive.