We need you

1. It’s tough man.
2. Yeah.
1. Yeah, can’t believe it, in this day and age, the racism.
2. It’s unbelievable. Why would you beat up a Sikh guy? They have experienced a lot of racism since 911.
1. I hate Trump.
2. One of the first people who died after 9/11 was a Sikh guy in Texas. A doctor was beat up in NYC recently. The Gurdwara shooting. It’s sick.
1. I feel like the Sikh community is quiet man. I don’t know.
2. No man, that isn’t true. You got people working on the ground, like Valerie Kaur. She’s good, from the States. You got other people. There’s lot’s of people online that care man. But guess what? Why don’t you step up?
1. Yeah.
2. No man seriously, we need you!
2. Tell your story. We need more, not less. The status quo wont’ change. Be successful.
1. Cool bro.

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