Qur’an at night

1. Hey bro, what’s up?
2. Assalamualaikum
1. Walaikum Salam
2. What’s up?
1. Late night man?  You don’t go home?
2. I start later, 10:30, 11
1. Oh I see.  So what’s new?
2. Not much, you?  You’re done?
1. Yeah.  Going home.
2. Good man.
1. How bout you?  What do you do when you get home?
2. I read the Qur’an, eat something, watch some t.v.
1. You read the Qur’an?
2. Every day.
1. Serious?  Why?
2. It gives me a calm.
1. Really? So every day?
2. Yeah.  
1. Nice.  Do you understand it.
2. Yeah I do, for the most part.
1. Yeah man, that’s one of my dreams, to learn Arabic.  You know, when I’m rich and have the dinar [smile]
2. Inshallah. [smile]