Why are you so negative?

1. Yo bro look at you! It’s like big people when they come in the room, everyone knows!
2. You’re the man bro.
1. So how’s life?
[Looks at me.]
1. Wait, don’t give me some negative answer man…You’re too negative.
2. I know man…what can I say, my life is like that.
1. Nah bro, you can’t be so negative. You got to believe in God and accept what happens, could be negative, could be positive.
2. Yeah but things happen man.
1. I know things happen and some people get a little more and some people get a little less…but you gotta stay positive.
2. Yeah.
1. Trust me, it all works out in the end, and you get your share…trust me.
1. You coming in or leaving?
2. In.
1. Alright bro. Do your thing but stay positive.
2. Yeah.
1. Salam!