Dogs on the bus go round and round

1. Speaking about dogs, got this neighbour, he’s Muslim and he’s got this big black German Sheppard
2. Yeah those are the real German Sheppards.
1. Yeah?
2. Yeah those are the ones the police got. The other ones, the more orangy beige ones got screw up hind legs.
1. Yeah so, Muslims keep dogs, it’s just that their saliva is unpure if it get’s onto our clothes, so we can’t pray.
2. Well there was a big thing in Iran. The government banned dogs from people’s homes. And did you hear about the dog story from England where Muslims there refused to accept passengers who had guide dogs.
1. “Muslims.” Now you’re sounding like Fox News. It’s just a few people that they are blowing out of proportion.
2. Well actually I just googled it, it made it to the House of Lords apparently but was ruled against. People with disabilities have the right to use their dog.
1. There’s a famous story of a prostitute that save a dog from thirst by feeding it with her shoe. She was granted forgiveness and paradise. If Muslim’s were against dogs, that lady wouldn’t have helped that dog. This is silly. If someone came into my cab or bus, I wouldn’t refuse them. It’s obvious what the reasons are.