“Oh my God don’t say Najashi, it’s Nagasi!”
“No man it’s Najashi.”
“Ok whatever. We say Nagasi.”
“Yeah when I was working on my poster, I went by this guy who was Ethiopian, cuz I wanted to verify the Amharic…”
“We got talking and I told him about Najashi, the Christian king that turned Muslim…and he was like Najashi..there’s a big mosque in Ethiopia called Najashi mosque! I was like wow, are you serious? And then he went on to tell me the Athan. Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar, Ashado Anla illaha illallah….” I was like how do you know that? He said that he grew up next to a mosque and he heard it all the time”
“Well that’s like me.”
“Oh yeah how?”
“All my friends were Muslim and I used to go to a madrasa.”
“But you’re Christian.”
“I know but I didn’t really know, just went along, so I can read Arabic.”
“Didn’t your mom say anything?”
“Well.” Laugh. “One day my mom saw me leaving the madrasa and she was like, what are you doing there?”
“Yeah but it wasn’t a big deal, nothing happened.”
All 3 of us laughed.