Company lunch

1. You hear about the company lunch?
2. No man. Really? Where?
1. Downstairs in the parking lot, it’s huge.
2. But they don’t have anything halal [sad face]
1. Ha-what?
2. Halal bro…the meat.
1. Oh yeah that thing.
1. Sorry man. I guess you won’t have some juicy steak cuz it ain’t halalalalfied

[Later that day]

2. Guess what? I went to the lunch. You had that chicken right?
1. Yeah.
2. How was it?
1. Good quality.
2. It was thick eh?
1. Yeah not bad.
2. It was halal.
1. It was? Didn’t make any difference to me. [laugh]
2. I know, tasted great!