Words learned in Pakistan – November 2017

darri – a thick sheet used to put on a charpai. Also used to iron on the ground

Pasliyan – ribs

Word for fireworks

Eesa is Jesus in Urdu

Antarrian – intestine

Haram mugs – fluid inside spine

Putt ka gosht – thigh

Tasdeek – investigate

Marasan –

Marrasi – like a joker

Joggi – malang type.

Nawala – a morsel of food

Kinnu – orange

Sohne pe sohaga – a phrase…said to make something look even better than gold.

Wazeer – Minister

Arab passa – a hell of a lot of money

Tasalbazi –

Tashadad – oppression, suppression

Avazar – to be fed up with someone

Saike nikal re teh

Mosumee – like an orange or graprefruit

Gedda dhena – like chakkar dena, to mislead someone, or could be a knot (if the word gedda is used)

Dimmi/Dimmiyan – manikin/manikans

Nummi – wetness

Arif lohar and meesha jugni full song

Kismat ya naseeb – if destiny has it in store

bante – marbles

cheeni wala bante – a marble that looks sugary

desi wala bante – a marble that looks brown

thuda – kick

begum – wife

masaane – bladder

farik – means free as in not doing anything, but slang wise, it means ineffective. Like the security guard is farik. Not good, not strong, not well.