Urdu and Turkish and Arabic in Montreal

1: So you speak French?
2: Mais oui!
1: How’d you learn?
2: I came to Montreal when I was 30. I’m 45 now. Time. [smile]
1: Cool. A Turkish guy speaking French. Neat. Masha’Allah.
2: We say that too.
1: Yeah I know there’s a lot Arabic influence. Is Turkey a conservative country?
2: Yeah it is, but I think Pakistan is more?
1: It is. Like it’s weird. When you’re there, and the azaan is going off, hardly anybody prays.
2: It’s the same in Turkey.
1: But if it comes to Islam being threatened or if something isn’t going the way they want it, then they’ll have something to say about it. The society is very patriarchal so if the man doesn’t get what he wants, then they’ll be vocal about what Islam has to say. It’s self-serving.
2: You notice all these things?
1: Yeah. I’m a Canadian guy with some Pakistani roots.
2: Oh so you’re not really Pakistani.
1: Not totally, no. So when we go back, we notice the slightest mannerisms, and the way people act, and all of it.
2: That’s what my parents say about me. Since I’ve been living here, they say the way I walk, talk, act, has totally changed.
1: Do you go back to Turkey often?
2: I try to go every year, but because of Covid, I haven’t this year.
1: Hmm I see. You’re married right?
2: No, actually I’m single.
1: Oh. You want to? There’s lots of nice Turkish girls.
2: If it’s in my fate, then it will happen.
1: You know someone from here would never say that. [smile]
2: I know what you mean.
1: They’d say if it happens it happens but never, if it’s in my fate. Getting Islamic eh? [smile]
2: No I’m not, it’s just true.
1: It’s the language and culture man. We say kismat, for fate in Urdu.
2: Oh, kismut. Yes, we say that too.
1: You do? Do you know dunya?
2: Dunya? Yes. It’s a Turkish word.
1: Actually it’s Arabic. Like in the du’a. Raba na atina fi dunya hasanatan
2: That’s too long for me man.
1: I’m just showing you the word dunya, it’s in the du’a. It’s Arabic.
2: Oh okay. I always thought it was a Turkish word.
1: And there’s another word for fate in Arabic, qadr.
2: Oh kadir. We have that word too.
1: Some serious criss-cross.
2: For sure!