A game turns to “Islam is bad” just like that

sheppardMoonCrescent: luck
sheppardMoonCrescent: you win by one, oooh
ImHumble: islam is bad <== [really? You would think this would come out of left field BUT this has become normal. No logical connection to what me and this dude were doing. I shouldn’t be so surprised.]
sheppardMoonCrescent: so is your game
ImHumble: we are the best in the world
sheppardMoonCrescent: immoral are we?
ImHumble: Islam? yeah
sheppardMoonCrescent: again immoral got nothing to say weak
ImHumble: come up with something original
sheppardMoonCrescent: so your stupid tape keeps playing
ImHumble: but u cant just another copy cat
sheppardMoonCrescent: go kill more poeople
ImHumble: like china
sheppardMoonCrescent: no one wants your country
ImHumble: we own all of u
sheppardMoonCrescent: biggots
ImHumble: lol owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: thinking you are the way
ImHumble: again greatest nation in the world
sheppardMoonCrescent: have some humility when you ask God who to bless. always America….clowns
ImHumble: you people r beneath us. lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: go hijack your capitol
ImHumble: lmao. owned. again
sheppardMoonCrescent: white crackers..love it
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: that was rich. loved every bit of your stupidity
ImHumble: how’d u get into canada
sheppardMoonCrescent: got no brains
ImHumble: lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: just follow
ImHumble: lmao. owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: thats the american dream for you
ImHumble: nothing can get me. i own u
sheppardMoonCrescent: you sure do….keep thinking that
ImHumble: u will always b second rate. lol to the us
sheppardMoonCrescent: I feel sorry for you
ImHumble: lol usa baby usa lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: immorality on display
ImHumble: hehe lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: please show us some more
ImHumble: owned again
sheppardMoonCrescent: never bowed done once to God and here you are
ImHumble: thats the problem with islam
sheppardMoonCrescent: can’t appreciate others. just see yourself. Jesus will run from you. no doubt
ImHumble: u all dont know your hipocrites. lol. owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: you are not the way. love it
ImHumble: again
sheppardMoonCrescent: keep going
ImHumble: me too. love
sheppardMoonCrescent: play your tape buddy. keep going. show us all the way
ImHumble: talk ish and get owned. thats what i do best
sheppardMoonCrescent: meanwhile your government needs immigration
ImHumble: i humble u. lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: but all the white people are scarrrrred. lol
ImHumble: get owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: love the show
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: so fun
ImHumble: man u sound so upset. lol why r u so mad
sheppardMoonCrescent: nah I love your demise
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: cuz you love mine
ImHumble: hehe. dont b mad
sheppardMoonCrescent: we’ll see who goes where
ImHumble: its only a game. lmao. owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: nah I’m cool, you’re a bunch of immoral clowns
ImHumble: again
sheppardMoonCrescent: it’s so fun to see
ImHumble: hehe. hows the pie. hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: you don’t care about nothnig….which is anti-life. go on
ImHumble: keep eating crow. hehe that humble pie thats what i do
sheppardMoonCrescent: I love how you idiots demonstrate for your little freedoms…no masks…lol
ImHumble: u talk and i teach hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: top notch
ImHumble: maybe youll learn something
sheppardMoonCrescent: keep those numbers tallying buddy
ImHumble: probly not cause islam never learns
sheppardMoonCrescent: a million dead soon and a few more
ImHumble: thats why still poor
sheppardMoonCrescent: feel sorry for your lot
ImHumble: only the rich and the poor
sheppardMoonCrescent: can’t listen
ImHumble: owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: you keep proving it with each statement look at you go
ImHumble: i humble u
sheppardMoonCrescent: wow
ImHumble: hehe lol luv it owned again
sheppardMoonCrescent: immoral, never bowed down to God once
ImHumble: sleep on it
sheppardMoonCrescent: drink
ImHumble: dont b mad lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: keep it coming
ImHumble: dont do it
sheppardMoonCrescent: I’m happy
ImHumble: throw the rope away
sheppardMoonCrescent: why would I be mad?
ImHumble: its just a game
sheppardMoonCrescent: about you being a clown? lol
ImHumble: when u opened your mouth told all lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: nah you opened yours
ImHumble: just were u stood sore loser
sheppardMoonCrescent: but that’s what you do
ImHumble: lol hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: just try to bother but it’s all good
ImHumble: thats why your still talking
sheppardMoonCrescent: you’re just an insect
ImHumble: cant handle the truth im sorry if i spit out truth
sheppardMoonCrescent: raid the capitol, that’s the truth
ImHumble: lol owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: listen to lies, that’s the truth
ImHumble: thats what i do
sheppardMoonCrescent: oh fox news is calling
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: go listen to them
ImHumble: dont b mad cause u lost
sheppardMoonCrescent: say Islam is bad, yay
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: you are so right
ImHumble: just a game
sheppardMoonCrescent: just cuz you said it
ImHumble: u got owned now your mad lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: hey people, this american must be right cuz he’s american
ImHumble: by wifi
sheppardMoonCrescent: that’s the logic see! yippy
ImHumble: at the airport too that sucs hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: a clown travelling during covid what can I say hehe
ImHumble: that what i do
sheppardMoonCrescent: please enlighten us more
ImHumble: eat the pie hehe lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: with your logical ways
ImHumble: and b quiet lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: at the airport…look at me guys, I’m smart
ImHumble: owned
sheppardMoonCrescent: lol
ImHumble: owned thats what i do i teach
sheppardMoonCrescent: owned? buddy you’re at the airport lol
ImHumble: u listen
sheppardMoonCrescent: during a pandemic
ImHumble: i teach
sheppardMoonCrescent: lol
ImHumble: u watch lol
sheppardMoonCrescent: awesome sauce
ImHumble: thats what i do hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: no worries….keep it up
ImHumble: still mad
sheppardMoonCrescent: your hate
ImHumble: take a walk
sheppardMoonCrescent: your bigotry
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: and your fake trinity
ImHumble: go enjoy the outside
sheppardMoonCrescent: Jesus is one, not 3
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: confused
ImHumble: hehe your face tells ity all
sheppardMoonCrescent: but please, don’t attack someone now ok johnny?
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: we’re just talking k??
ImHumble: hehe
sheppardMoonCrescent: please don’t shoot someone up k?
ImHumble: brb gotta work
sheppardMoonCrescent: sure johnny run along now but please, don’t shoot anyone up cuz your feelings are hurt