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A game turns to “Islam is bad” just like that

sheppardMoonCrescent: lucksheppardMoonCrescent: you win by one, ooohImHumble: islam is bad <== [really? You would think this would come out of left field BUT this has become normal. No logical connection Read more [...]...
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White man vs. an entire empire

Some IG wall description: In Muslim West Africa in the 1800s, millet was far more than just a type of food. As the German traveler Heinrich Barth discovered soon after crossing the Sahara Desert, it Read more [...]...
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John, Jack, or Jill

[In a hockey change room with a bunch of multi-ethnic children] 1. Okay guys, so whether your name is John, Jack, or Jill, I would like to have you guys follow the instructions I give. [John, Jack or Jill Read more [...]...
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