Jagraj Singh – Young, Sikh, and Proud

Hi Mr. Sunny Hundal,

not sure if you will read this note BUT just wanted to tell you I can understand a bit of where you are coming from about making Young, Sikh, and Proud

The film related to me in many ways: the brother angle, the struggle to reconcile multiple identities, westernization vs. your faith, being desi, relating to religious people who speak English, feeling othered, and more.

As a Muslim, the film could have very well bin about any one of us, and it could have gone the same way. Everything in it is completely relatable. 

As a storyteller and emerging filmmaker myself, I feel your vision on the film makes sense. You can’t talk about legacy without introducing the subject. Those who want more, will seek it out because they now have a taste for Jagraj. And as you said, this was for a ghorra audience which doesn’t have a deep concept of our faiths anyway. So the right technical tact is required, like waves hitting a shore that can change a beachfront over time.

Moreover, it’s your story, you can’t apologize for that and need to follow your heart, albeit, with sensitivity and respect, which I thought you tried to do (I got this advice from the ghorras for my work when I have felt confused and  pressure lol. They never apologize for their stories).

I also wanted to say I was taken by Jagraj. I loved his passion. Wow. Amazing. It’s motivational. I didn’t agree with some of the stuff he said about Prophet Muhamad, but he was well read. He had his own point of view and I respect that. I can see how the value for education creates a force! This is not an understatement, it’s liberating. BUT after watching some of his videos, later, I discovered he had died, and honestly that upset me a lot.

You have been incredibly courageous for making this film. Thank you.