Diversity in children’s literature

1. You know the Canadian children’s book industry claims it has one of the most diverse book collections.
[2 shaking head]
1. It’s not true.
2. Most of the characters are white.
1. Absolutely. School libraries reflect white people and their experience.
2. It’s totally true.
1. So how is it diverse? [Laugh]
2. It’s important to learn perspectives. The course I am doing makes me realize more that reflecting other people’s experience is just as important but it’s not there.
1. You really got to be on this side of the fence to know just how critical that is. And it’s not just a plus for the people who’s identities it reflects, it’s also for the popular majority culture to learn about who else lives in society.
2. True.
1. It’s a way to create a more just society!