Jihad vs Crusades, a facebook post

Post: Islam has been at war with human beings and civilization since it’s inception. Thank God for the Crusades and the Crusaders.

Reply 1: I doubt it, once a Muslim State formed in the Arabian peninsula they did the natural thing. They did what empires have been doing since the time of summer. They beat the Romans and Persians at their own game and were successful. They led the world in philosophy, science, and technology correcting former Greek, Persian, and Indian philosophy and coming up with their own.

Also, the crusades failed miserably (except 1st and 3rd due to Muslim infighting). Otherwise, muslims crushed the crusade and kept expanding.

I guess if you spent time reading books from historians with degrees in history rather than some Medical Doctor. Personally, I recommend the Oxford History of Islam as it is peer reviewed and tackles history from many angles.

Alhamdulillah for Islam.

Reply 2: “Alhamdulillah for Islam”

Yeah, you sound like an unbiased source of information.

Reply 3: Malta, Lepanto, and then Vienna in 1683. Those are in history books too.

Reply 4: “Islam has been at war with human beings and civilization since it’s inception.”

So, we’re starting threads to promote hatred of muslims, are we?

White christian supremacy is lurking around the corner.


Reply 5: Both sides were *&^%$#. Was never about religion. Was always about greed.

Reply 6: The First Crusade was fueled by a lot of religious fanaticism and people trying to get their and their loved ones sins exonerated so they can go to heaven. After the initial crusades opened the Christians’ eyes to the wealth of Near East, crusades became more driven by greed.

Reply 7: What an ignorant one-sided pathetic view. Apologize for the war and conquests Christian Europeans waged against indigenous people’s the world over, in the name of “the Christian God.” Shame on you. Open your eyes and avoid your bigotry. Look in the mirror first.

Reply 8: You are either an ignorant or a miserable paid fanatic troll. In both cases, you are dangerous to humanity. Stop posting hate-messages. The crusaders were nothing but common criminals and looters! That is why instead of fighting the “enemy” as they were saying, they conquered Constantinople, the Christian capital of the mainly Christian Byzantine empire. They lost but created a mess in the area, which continues to generate problems even in our days.

Reply 9: The 1st Crusade at least saved Byzantine empire from Seljuks….

Reply 10: I disagree, Humanity is kinda at war with Islam. To make a point with this medieval map is kinda pointless. First thing is that this was from a time of great chaos and bloodshed. Europe and the Islamic world was a good as 90’s Africa. Second, today Islam is on the defensive as the entire religion has become a billion chest pieces for the super powers to mess around with. Muslims are the most scapegoat people because of the Extremest and super power propaganda. If ww3 will involve a Holocaust it’s gonna focus on the Muslims. Non Muslims nations around the world such as Burma and China are already genociding their Muslims.