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My Father – From Pakistan to Canada – #Canada150

[Official submission for a Canada150 story in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.] Over half a century ago, in 1965, my Father came to Canada as a student from Pakistan. He was 28. He was accepted to Queen’s Read more [...]...
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Words from Pakistan 2016

Shifal - Mazoor - like taange se mazoor hai, legs are disabled Mayoos - losing hope Aanko toh nabeena hai - nicer way of saying someone is blind. Not saying they are "andha" which is more derogatory Kanuk/gandum Read more [...]...
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Oh I didn’t know they spoke Punjabi in Pakistan

[Somewhere hot] 1. You from India? 2. Yeah, you? 1. Pakistan. 2. Oh yeah. Where? 1. Punjabi aan ussi 2. You're Punjabi? 1. Yeah. 2. How? 1. 60% of Pakistan is Punjabi. 2. Really? 1. Yeah man. 2. I didn't Read more [...]...
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