Cebu Philippines

1. The recommended version is 5.2
2. Right….Ok…so tell me more about Cebu
1. We have a region 1-12 and Cebu is in region 7
2. And Manilla?
1. That would be region 1, NCR – National Capital Region.
2. Oh I see. How far is Manilla from Cebu?
1. From Cebu, if you take an airplane…it will be 30 minutes
2. Can you drive there?
1. Well there is a domestic flight and International flight
2. But can you drive there?
1. No sir, you cannot drive there. They are a bunch of islands
2. I see…so out of the whole country….how many people would you say are Muslim…?
1. Hmmmm, well I am not sure, but there are quite a lot sir
2. And how’s it going?
1. It’s peaceful sir.
2. Where do they live?
1. They mostly live in Mactan, Mindanao, Luzon, and Visayas
2. Where’s Mactan?
1. It’s near Cebu
2. It’s an Island?
1. Yes sir?
2. Is Mindanao in Cebu?
1. No its a different region
2. So its a different island?
1. Yes sir
2. Is it close to Cebu?
1. It’s 30 minutes from Cebu to Mindinao
2. Oh I see, very interesting.
1. Yes sir.
2. Well just to let you know, there are a lot of Filipinos in Toronto.
1. Oh really? How are they?
2. They’re pretty cool.
1. Oh that’s good to hear.
2. They are mainly Catholic.
1. Yes sir.
2. I just know of a few Muslim Filipinos. One of them is on my street, she’s married to an Indian Muslim.
1. I see sir.
2. By the way, does Robin Padillia come to Cebu to visit the Muslims?
1. Robin Padillia is an actor sir. He lives in Manilla.
2. But has be been to Cebu? Does he come to visit.
1. He has been to Cebu sir.
2. He’s Muslim.
1. Yes sir.
2. Have you been to Manilla?
1. Not yet sir.
2. Hmmm…right..
1. Sorry are there any more questions?
2. that’s fine. The website is fine now, I’ve checked another one.
1. Very good sir, have I answered all your questions?
2. Yes you have.
1. Well thank you sir. Have a nice day.
2. You too…