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Leaving Islam

[At the checkout in a store] 1. Are you Muslim? 2. Yes. 1. Convert? 2. [smile] Yes. 1. Really? 2. Yes. 1. Why? [smile, pause] 1. You have come to the dark site. [smile] Wasn't it a shock for your family? 2. Read more [...]...
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Go back to your country

@ the gym and noticed these Somali youth chatting among themselves and laughing. I just thought they were a little loud, but like all young guys, it happens from time to time...it's just that they were Read more [...]...
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Passion vs Identity

It's funny how you always hear people interpret "what you do" as passion even if it isn't full time. I will argue there is a difference between passion and identity. Passion is something part time. Read more [...]...
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