Go back to your country

@ the gym and noticed these Somali youth chatting among themselves and laughing. I just thought they were a little loud, but like all young guys, it happens from time to time…it’s just that they were speaking Somali, I didn’t think much of it.

Met Ray.
Did you see those guys in the change room?
Which guys?
You know, those guys, from #$#%^ Africa, Ethiopia or some $$$#@@
Yeah whatever. I was like why you doing that here, this is Canada, we speak English, if you wanna behave like that, go back to your country.
Ray, this is their country.
Well, yeah that’s true.
But it is. Isn’t this a free country?
Well, yeah it is, see you’re gonna say something that will make me think.
But it’s true. If you can dress the way you want and look the way you want, why can’t you talk and be with who you want?
But this is Canada, they should assimilate and reach out.
Well are you reaching out to them?
Well I would if they would let me?
Why do you think they aren’t letting you buddy? Why do you care so much about this. Is this a free country? I think what’s bothering you is they’re having a good time and you don’t understand their language. What if this was in English? Is it okay then?
And the conversation went on for a bit…