Leaving Islam

[At the checkout in a store]
1. Are you Muslim?
2. Yes.
1. Convert?
2. [smile] Yes.
1. Really?
2. Yes.
1. Why?
[smile, pause]
1. You have come to the dark site. [smile] Wasn’t it a shock for your family?
2. Well it’s been 35 years.
1. Kids?
2. Grandkids…
1. Wow. And you’re?
2. French Canadian.
1. That’s one group that doesn’t like Muslims.
2. That’s not entirely true. There are lot’s of Muslims.
1. Are you serious? They just like themselves. Just like in France and the rest of Europe. It’s a very inward identity. It must have been hard on your parents. Religion is part of your
identity. It’s something so native.
2. Well…people make choices.
1. If my kid left Islam I would be offended.
2. You would? [Abruptly surprised]
1. Absolutely!
2. Well people make decisions. You got to figure out why.
1. Still, if my kid left, the end result is the same.
2. Well it’s about reading. We got to read to know. [smile]
1. Right.
2. Keep reading. Asalamualaikum
1. Walaikum Salam