Asim’s vs. Mohammad’s

Asim: Hey bro. Long time.
Ariz: Hello
Asim: Ariz?
Ariz: Yes
Asim: That’s super emotional lol.
Ariz: Wht is
Ariz: Who this?
Asim: Asim
Ariz: Which one? I know quite a few
Asim: The only one haha
Ariz: Hmmmm
Ariz: Half of Pakistan is named Asim 🤣
Asim: Oh so no Asim’s in India? 🥺
Ariz: Quite a few there too… so all in all about a billion Asim’s
Ariz: Which one r u
Asim: I guess we’ve edged out the Muhammad’s
Asim: 🤩
Ariz: They have joined jaish e mohammad
Asim: Nah. The Asim’s are a unique breed
Asim: They’re on their own
Ariz: Enough of the guess work… who this ?
Asim: Asim!
Ariz: HBK?
Asim: Damnnnn
Asim: You’re good
Ariz: Lol
Ariz: Wht up dawg
Asim: Now we’re seeing some emotion! Good man. You?