“Shoddy.com” WHY?!! :(

Okay dude really.

Why is there ALWAYS a WHITE PERSON that pronounces words of other languages when advertising???

So check it, I’m surfing right, and this lame ad comes up of Shaadi.com (rep’n all you desis, you know how it’s really said) with that fake good-looking desi girl and some guy meeting in the picture perfect place.

And I’m not really paying attention because I keep hearing “shoddy.com” and I’m like why are they bigging up “shoddy.com”, it must be some shoddy site.

Then I do a double take and I’m like, and I’m like wait a sec, the people aren’t meant to be shoddy (although their fakeness makes them look like it lol), and then I’m like: OH! Shaadi! Shaadi.com

Say it with me white people: Shaaaaaaaaaaaadi Their ain’t NO O

But it makes you wonder. Why in the world would Shaadi.com hire a white person to do their ad? What’s wrong with you people? At least get an ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) OR CBCD (Canadian Born Confused Desi) [laugh] to do it!

I’ll already got Take the “Z” outâ„¢, don’t tell me we got start one up called Take the “O” out LOL. Jokes.