Ghar ki murgi dal barabar

1. I left all that.
2. Why man? The party scene. So many gyal and that.
1. No man trust me. I had girls all the time.
2. Yeah?
1. It’s the environment, you know. But trust me, the love you get from your wife and kids, bro, ain’t nothing like it.
2. Yeah, I get that man, but when you got some girl staring into your eyes.
1. No bro, trust me. It’s all fake, it ain’t real. I’ve done it bro. This one girl was all over my **** and everything…but it ain’t the same. Ghar ki murgi dal barabar.
2. Lol. You know what that means?
1. Yeah bro.
2. Your wife is like dal, it’s bland.
1. I know bro, it’s bland but it’s better for you…you know?

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