Scottish man meets the ideal wife

“Are you Albanian?”
“No no. I’m Scottish.”
“Oh so you converted?”
“But there wasn’t much material around at that time.”
“I’ve been a Muslim since the 50s, it wasn’t so much about the material. I met my future wife in school and…”
“So you were like hmmm, what do I got to do to make this work.” [laugh]
“Well no, I asked her and she told me about Islam and I was like, what’s that and looked into it.”
“But didn’t it help when Cat Stevens became a Muslim in the 60s? I mean he’s white and so that would have helped you feel like you did the right thing?”
“I was a Muslim before Cat Stevens. I can be Cat Steven’s father. No, it didn’t matter to me if he converted. Islam was the choice for me and that was it.”