Are you happy?

1. Are you happy?
2. Yeah but…
1. No, no, no, don’t say but, are you happy or not?
2. God is great. Yes I am happy.
1. Then let things happen as they are man.
2. But you got to have a plan.
1. But some things are not in your hands.
2. But you gotta make effort.
1. I know, but it seems to me you are thinking too much…or am I wrong? You bin traumatized? [smile]
2. [smile] It depends you know on what you’ve experienced.
1. So let me ask you, are you ready to die tomorrow?
2. No.
1. You’re not?
2. No man, there is still so much I got to do.
1. Well you should think about that?
2. Man I feel like even if I was double my age, and I think about this, I won’t be ready…it’s like I need to live another eighty years.