Pathologic beasts, the killers of school children in Pakistan

Person 1: There are no words to capture the sheer deplorable actions of these pathological beasts. It is really difficult to fathom that there are people out there that use religion as a means to their ends using such horrific and inhumane methods. I am having a hard time reading and watching the horrors that are unfolding on a daily basis. No religion condones these acts, yet these psychopaths are using it as an excuse to obtain their agendas.

Person 2: It’s crucial to be objective to make sense of this. US Drone strikes are killing people in Pakistan (Waziristan) and Afghanitan. Most people don’t become “pathological beasts” because they want to unless they are sick. These people are driven to this out of complete frustration. There are root causes here. Some may be valid, others could be illegitimate. Unfortunately the killing of those in Waziristan doesn’t seem to matter. They are angry, they have many dead, many dead civilians but it’s falling on deaf ears. No one cares. No one is outraged. A brother and sister recently travelled to Washington D.C. to testify against the US drone strike that killed their mother in Waziristan. Many law makers didn’t attend. What a shame. Did anyone care? Was their outrage? Not at all. Why isn’t the bombing stopping? What if you lost your family in the most grotesque way? What would run through your mind? Seriously. What would run through your mind? It’s hard enough getting justice here. What about there? In a corrupt nation where justice is a joke and a rich person’s tool. What we are witnessing is a catastrophic failure of fairness and justice. It is impossible to see one side without understanding the WHY. Be fair in your judgement. Where is the continuous protest and outrage against the US bombing of Pakistani/Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries? There were no such large scale civilian killings and bombings before Pakistan was invaded. This is serious. This isn’t about just killing innocent people in a school. The murder of innocent children in a school is an effect of complete anarchy and lack of a judicial and political system that protects and empowers it’s citizens. We will continue to witness people taking “justice” into their own hands out of complete frustration and denial of their rights until there is justice in the land. This is not a phenomenon known to Pakistan but rather of the human condition. There are certainly sick people in any society without a doubt but when every day civilians behave this way and often, the causes reflect an immediate and urgent need to improve the System.