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Had a conversation with a Jamaican

[Grocery Store]1: Yo!2: Hi there.1: What's up?2: Good sir, you?1: Not much. It's 10 PM. What are you doing here?2: Just got back from Christian camp.1: Oh yeah.2: Yeah. Just wanted to get some gummies...Do Read more [...]...
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Juma – Master (planner) and slaves

Allah does not make mistakes.  If a corporation runs with a leader then how do you think this universe runs? Human beings don't change.  Khamr was there before.  All forms of vice Read more [...]...
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My car breaks down and the Brazilian revolt

Great! Damn clutch is roached! [Stuck and pulled over near an intersection that I barely made through.] 1. What's wrong? 2. Clutch is gone. 1. Okay so what do we do? [Called the towing company. Tow truck Read more [...]...
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