1. What was your name again?
2. Aiden
1. Aiden? really. Is that an Arabic name?
2. Hmmm, I think I’ve heard of it like that, but it’s very Gaelic.
1. Oh really, let me check that out. [Googling] Well lo and behold! It’s an Arabic name too. Actually, it’s with an ayn, so it’s pronounced eyden.
2. [Laugh] I used to work for some Arab bosses, and that’s how they would pronounce my name.
1. Nice. Hmm, just checking the meaning, seems like there are some variations. There’s actually two kinds, one that starts with an Alif, and one that start’s with an ayn. It has a relationship to the Qur’an, used as a word I see.
2. Interesting.

Ayden is usually a variant (another spelling) of the Turkish name Aydin, which means “educated”, “enlightened”, “intellectual”.
Ayden can also be a variant of the Arabic name Aydin, which is a word used in the Quran to mean “power”. This word is never used as a name by Arabs, but non-Arab Muslims use it as a name.