Juma – Judging others, ego

50 men example. There is a time when one will do a deed and it will be equivalent to 50 sahabee 

Ya Allah protect me from worshiping idols. E.g  worshiping our kids, money, fame, career, our looks, e.g. anything can be taken as worship other than Allah.

How many ask: Ya Rab, are you pleased with me?

That narrative: DON’T judge me needs to change with mercy. There must be a balance on how to advise each other. Constructive criticism, but there must be a way to advise one another!

The ego can be the most dangerous.

Story: King Jabala from Ghasan. He converted to Christianity. Jabala accepted Islam after learning about it for many years. One time, he came for hajj. As he did it, a bedouin accidentally stepped on the cape of Jabala. He slapped him because he was used to power, and said how dare you, do you know who I am? Omar ibn Khatab eventually found out. Omar said, either you apologize or let the man slap you. Jabala said, give me a night to think about it. That night, Jabala went back to his kingdom and left Islam. Omar made long duas for him. A man who knew Jabala and Omar, went on behalf of Omar went to meet Jabala.

Jabala the King said: I as a noble man came back to Christianity and gave up the potential to see things more clearly (Islam). My ego took me over and I wish I was just a average bedoin.  E.g. power and wealth is a liability. 

If Allah gave you a life to do as you please, be grateful (no repercussions of status, ego, fame). And if you have fame and money and it’s holding you back, correct yourself.

No more going with the flow.  Be critical of yourself and others constructively.

Dua: Oh Allah give steadfastness, strength, and motivation to hold onto what is right.

Spend time with those that remember Allah. Do not follow those delicious blessings of those in this dunya. Do not follow those that are distracted.

Abu Bakr: indeed you will be granted victory not because of your numbers, but as long as you hold onto truth. But it will be about the numbers, if you do not hold onto the truth.

Even if 1 comes to Islam, it is better than many that are just going with the flow.