The ghorras and “my boys”

[At a dinner party]
1. So how’s work?
2. Good man, you?
1. Yeah man, not man, long time.
2. Yeah man.
1. You look like you’re hitting the gym.
2. No man I haven’t bin there for a few months.
1. Hmmm. Still driving the beamer?
2. Yeah man.
1. One of these days, I’ll be picking up one up too.
2. You’ve been saying that for a while still.
1. Yeah I know. I’m a poor man. [smile]. But wanna get that coupe man, like a 335 or M although I think the M is overkill.
2. I haven’t really seen the M.
1. But you can get the sport package on all the different ones right, the 3 series?
2. Oh yeah, it just depends how many rupees you wanna spend [smile].
[Party continues and then get’s more into work and business]
1. Yeah I feel bad they’re closing man. Shocking.
2. Yeah so I’m recovering the inventory.
1. You’re lucky to get that kinda of experience. It’s not everyday you can be at the right time and right place.
2. Yeah man 17000 people gone.
1. Zellers was better than Target.
3. See Target didn’t understand the Canadian marketplace. Most people go to Walmart, so that’s your competition. They’re prices weren’t all that great
1. So [to 2] good experience yeah?
2. Yeah I’m basically my VP’s right hand man.
1. Ghorra?
2. Obviously.
2. I’m telling you these ghorre got it down.
1. Yeah they’re so confident. Even if the guy’s older, they still talk to you like they got it.
2. Yeah. The way they carry themselves.
3. See you got to be a ghorra most likely to get promoted up the chain faster. That’s just the way it is.
2. Yeah the brown guy is the one you get the work out of and the white guy is the one you talk about the weekend with.
1. You’ve bin studying them for a while eh.
2. Yo it’s even the words they use.
1. So now you wanna talk like them?
3. You got to in the corporate world. That’s just the way it is.
1. So why don’t you consult the same dermatologist as Michael?
[1 and 2 laughs]
3. I don’t need to. I know how to do my work, that’s all that counts.
1. [to 2] So you were saying, now you’re talking like them.
2. I try to but sometimes it slips. The other day I was like me and my boys and like they were like, wait, you have children?