1: Hi Asim. (pronounces it “Aseem.”) Just getting back to you about the role. Did you look at the job description?
2: Uhm, just before we move forward, my name is pronounced Asim.
1: Oh I’m sorry. So it’s like awesome? [laugh]
2: [laugh]
2: Well kinda sorta. Just gotta to say the “i” a bit. But whatever, awesome works! Aseem sounds like someone is stabbing me.
1: I know! Trust me. It’s with my name too.
2: Oh really? How?
1: Well, you know my name is Grace, but I changed it.
2: Oh?
1: Yeah, it’s really Gracia. I’m Portuguese. Like my family all call me Gracia but people here couldn’t pronounce my name. The c is soft like an s, but it got mangled too much.
2: But you lost part of your identity.
1: I know but I did it a long time ago, when I was still in kindergarten. So it’s stuck with me. But yeah my own family doesn’t call me Grace. They know my real name.