I didn’t want to mention I’m fasting

1. Need water?
2. No, it’s cool.
1. Sure? Let’s go at it again?
2. Nah I got to go.
1. Okay. Why no water?
2. I didn’t want to mention it…I’m fasting.
1. Oh. Maybe that’s why you weren’t playing your best?
2. No man. I was out of position and my game needs serious work. It’s not cuz I’m fasting. I actually wanted to push myself, you know, mind over body.
1. Yeah for sure, conquer your will.
2. Yeah exactly, I wanted to see how I did out here. I even brought my dates in case.
1. Oh, you can only eat that?
2. No. Nothing.
1. Not even water?
2. No we’re fasting for about 17 hours.
1. Oh $%%%^.
2. It’s not that bad actually, you’re eating twice a day.
1. And even little kids fast?
2. No, no. You got to be of age, puberty…and there’s lots of exemptions…if you’re elderly, if you’re travelling, if you’re sick, if you’re pregnant…
1. Oh right. Cool. Anyway good game. If you ever want to play, I work by here, we can do something.
2. Sounds good, thanks.