Halwa in Romania

1. So what do you think?
2. [Put the halwa in his mouth] Nice.
1. Yeah? It’s called halwa.
2. I know halwa.
1. You do?
2. Common man. Of course. The Ottoman’s in Romania. This is really good.
1. It’s called Sohan Halwa. We get it from a special shop in Pakistan.
2. I used to have halwa all the time as a kid in Romania. It looks different than this.
1. [fire up google images and search halwa] There’s different colours to halwa. We usually have a light golden kind, and the orange kind.
2. Our’s was from sunflower…
1. Yeah not sure what our’s is, hard to describe, it’s like a mush….we have on on occasions, and breakfast…do Romanians make halwa?
2. Yeah man. Look. [show google search for ‘halwa romania’] The one’s I would eat have cocoa in them.
1. Nice.