Be careful what you diss

[You know one of those moments where you realize after the fact that you got to be much more respectful…]
1. I like going to MosqueA. It’s more family oriented. You know, the sisters are in the back and it’s one level.
2. So you mix with them?
1. No, I mean they can see the imam.
2. It’s not necessary.
1. Well I think a lot of these mosques are backwards that way. [Saying it with spite]
2. There are different mathabs. In the Shafee, this is fine, but in Hanafi, it isn’t. It’s not necessary to see them, they have their own space. You can’t mix things. You have to stick to one understanding.
1. But what’s the difference, people are mixing outside anyway and seeing each other.
2. Yes but that’s a different issue. This is about deen. You going to change the deen now? Some people pray like this, and some people pray like that. [gesturing with the hands.] It’s fine. It’s a matter of belief.

Sometimes thinking something is backwards reflects your own backwardness and ignorance and lack of understanding. Let it be man. You can agree or disagree but forming an opinion far too quickly without proper understanding only leads to bad results.