Guru Gobind Singh and the Moghuls, a political issue not a religious one

1. So Uncle, tell me about the wall story where they say 2 Sikh Princes were bricked alive.
2. There is no evidence of this.
1. But the Sikh’s talk about this.
2. I know they talk about this. But bring the evidence.
1. Where is that wall?
2. Well nobody knows. They’re is a general area, but who knows.
1. How did it happen?
2. Well there was a war…a battle and the Moghuls had surrounded their fort so to speak. They finally let out the families and the Moghul forces then invaded that fort.
1. Did they catch Guru Gobind Singh?
2. Well apparently, he got away and came to Chamkaur.
1. And what about his kids?
2. Well his kids were killed.
1. By who?
2. The Moghuls forces.
1. The Moghul forces?
2. Well yes.
1. But they were kids.
2. It’s a battle. A war. It can happen.
1. Okay so what happened to the Guru?
2. Well he was going place to place, trying to hide from the Moghuls and he came across a Pir, Pir Shahubuddin.
1. Right.
2. And he asked Shahabuddin to save him. So Shahuddin told him to hide in a drum full of dye that they would use to dye crystals.
1. Okay.
2. So when the Moghul forces came, they asked him if they saw the Guru, and he told them to check and see for themselves. But they did not detect him. So they left.
1. Wow, okay. So he was saved from the “Muslims.”
2. Well this is what I want to tell you sunny. The Guru thanked Shahabuddin. Shahabuddin said don’t thank me. He said, had this been a religious conflict, I would be the first one to kill
you. But since this is a political conflict, I stayed neutral.
1. So the conflict between the Sikhs and the Muslims was political and not religious?
2. Exactly. The Moghuls were the ruling force of the time. If there was another force in its place, it would have done the same thing.