“Bi***-slapped” RE: Maria Sharapova brings glitz… – Normalization of vulgar language

In reference to: https://www.thestar.com/sports/tennis/2017/08/28/maria-sharapova-brings-glitz-back-to-us-open-with-first-round-statement-dimanno.html

Ms. Rosie DiManno,

given your accomplishments as a journalist, I am disgusted by your offensive terminology of “bi***-slapped” in today’s article. This language is problematic because it makes it okay for people to seriously consider using it without necessarily realizing it is derogatory, including young people who can very likely also read this article. For one, “bi***” is a degrading term used more towards women. Two, it’s not healthy language when used in a derogatory way.

It is shameful to normalize this kind of language. Why promote it? Is there not other ways to say the same thing. Articles like yours make this more possible along with the proliferation of profanity thanks to the internet as it is.

There was a time when “a$$” was not used on the air or in print. As a child, I never saw any of this kind of language and I am glad I didn’t. “A$$” has now become normalized.

There is a difference between such language used on the streets as it forever has vs. in print and in media. Print and media is permanent and if affects more people. Anything permanent (with clout) creates normalization.

Is this a culture of profane words at its core? So let’s start using it everywhere like the church and mosque and with our children. And if we are, is that healthy?

Lastly, children can be exposed to this article. I am NOT okay with children (even my own) reading this type of language nor am I okay with them talking to me in this way. I can picture a child researching Maria Sharapova and presenting this in class. And then using “Bi***-slapped” just because it’s there.

It’s ugly language and there are better forms of expression that are not considered derogatory (but I know there are a ton of people that are converted over to this notion that this is NOT derogatory as yourself) to express a point.

There might be a reality to profanity (or profane terminology) related to stressing a point but at the same time, there are other word choices that can give a similar effect when creating permanent media like this article.

I hope you can take these thoughts into consideration.

Thank you.