[In a steam sauna…]
1: How’s the heat?
2: Yeah man, it’s smooth. I can handle this much.
1: If it’s a bit hot, I’m good with it, but I don’t want to roast you know.
2: Totally.
1: I love the sauna man. After a day of stress, arguing, road rage, and all, it’s a stress relief.
2: Yeah for sure.
1: You can mediate, pray in here, relax, anything.
[2 nods when he hears “prayer” in a bit of an unconvincing nod]
1: So what brings you to the sauna?
2: I got a hangover.
1: Oh. What do you feel? Like you’re going to vomit?
2 No, not so much. Just got a real bad headache. Just really dehydrated.
1: Oh. Never had a hangover.
2: No?
1: Nah. I don’t want anything to rely on to have a good time you know? It’s like athletes or those pick up artists back in the day.
2: Oh they want to be on point.
1: Yeah exactly. I mean those guys would create energy. I just don’t want to know that I need something to make me happy.
2: Well, in moderation it’s good. But when you get into it, you don’t really think about it. You just think you can handle it.
1: Yeah I just never got into it. You know, the Islamic culture, so. But it’s a real dilemma for kids from this background.
2: Yeah?
1: I mean to hear about not drinking, not doing drugs, not being with women is like unheard of today. I mean really. But for kids from an Islamic background, this stuff poses real dilemmas. Kids make their own moral judgements. Some smoke, but won’t drink. Some drink, but won’t go near women. Others will. It’s a thing for sure.
2: Well I’m a European boy. Polish.
1: No I get it, it’s in the culture. When it’s in the culture, it’s hard to resist.
2: There’s a saying in Polish that says: If you aren’t drinking, you’re informing.
2: It means that if you’re sober, you’re working for the communists.
1: Nice. So you got to drink.
2: Exactly.