Azerbaijan, Soccer

1. Hey bro, I’m coming to soccer this week.
2. No way, cool.
1. Yeah. Something always comes up, but yeah, gonna do it!
2. Nice, soccer is cool.
1. Have you bin downtown to see soccer?
2. Oh yeah.
1. How is it?
2. Good…but nothing like the Europeans.
1. Yeah?
2. Oh yeah, guys here don’t got the same level of skill. Like the Europeans pass the ball before they pass the ball, so quick, so skilled.
1. Wow. That much of a difference eh?
2. Big time.
1. How are the Arabs?
2. Yeah not bad..some are okay…Egypt made it to the World Cup.
1. Really?
2. Man that match was epic, but they made it.
1. Nice…you from Kazakhstan?
2. No man, Azerbhaijan.
1. Oh…you know triple G? He’s from Kazakhstan…but he isn’t Muslim.
2. No…but most people in Azerbhaijan might be Muslim but aren’t religious either.
1. Common, it’s a Muslim country. Isn’t read in Azeri oku?
2. Yeah it is, how did you know?
1. *smile* I’m a student. But the language is Turkic…
2. Yeah it is, I can understand Turkish.
1. No, serious?
2. Oh yeah, Uyghur…even…
1. From China? Nice.
2. But I’m telling you, the country isn’t religious. More like 10% tops. Turkey is more religious than us.
1. No way Turkey? They’re secular.
2. They have azaan in Turkey everywhere but not in Azerbhaijan.
1. Wow. In Pakistan, it’s everywhere. But you got the beard bro. *smile* You sure you don’t pray in the closet?
2. This? *stroke’s beard* Ahhh I’m just too lazy. *smile*