Volunteerism of Musa/Moses PBUH

[At juma]
The volunteerism of Musa is worth mentioning. He left with nothing but the clothes on his back when he fled from the Pharoah after he was involved in an altercation.

He wandered into the dessert lost and hungry thereupon where he came to a well. He saw some young women trying to feed their animals but some rugged men were feeding their own animals and feuding and did not care for the women. Musa stepped in was able to then have the young women use the well.

Afterwards, he offered to help them take their animals back to their home and offered protection. The father of the young women was very impressed and Musa was offered their home to stay in. He also got married to one of the young women. Eventually he returned back to his people and delivered them from slavery, crossing the Red Sea.

The volunteerism of Musa and his act of helping others is noteworthy and led to many good things.