Addicted to it

1. Bro it’s rampant.
2. Yeah?
1. Oh yeah. Everyone is doing it.
2. Muslim?
1. Muslim, non-Muslim… It’s so easy to access.
2. That’s why I got a filter. I feel it takes away my power. There’s so much to deal with, I need to be as mentally clear as possible. I don’t want to deal with something I feel isn’t good for me. I got so much to do. I hate starting over.
1. Yeah, I know, you want to focus.
2. Yeah. When did you get into it?
1. Young, man.
2. Really? Like 11, 12, 13.
1. No man, younger.
2. No.
1. I’m telling you.
2. Like?
1. Grade 2, 3.
2. Are you friggen serious?
1. Yeah man. I haven’t watched it for two years, I’m married now but, it’s always there.
2. Even if you aren’t in the mood, you see something, and bam.
1. You get into the mood. This stuff is dangerous.
2. Does it mess up your head?
1. Of course bro. That’s why I don’t want to see it.