Beautiful Neighbours and El Corán

Have you ever had beautiful neighbours?

I did for 7 years.

A sweet family from Venuezvela.  It wasn’t just one or two of them…they were ALL good.  They’re son even knew about historical Al-Andalus (Andalucia) which was amazing and understood context.  We had so many good conversations over the years.  The smiles, hello’s, conversations about life, work and faith meant so much.

Then one day they moved.  Yet there is something I have for them.  There’s a concept known as “rizk” in my faith.  And it’s not about being “religious” to understand it.  Essentially, the provisions that are written for you will come to you, even if it comes from half way around the world.

When I was in Spain last year for my book project,  The Tyer of Ties, I met a team of Latino Muslims from the USA.  I told them about my neighbours and their son, and how he may be interested in exploring other faith point of views.  And so just to provide another perspective, they gifted me a Qur’an ( El Corán) in Spanish for him.
I have this Qur’an but I know it’s not mine.  Someone else’s name is on it.  It’s someone else’s provision.  It came from the USA, to Spain, and now to Canada.

Whether it be a Qur’an, a gift, money, a job, clothes, what have you, provisions meant for you will appear if they’re meant for you.  And it is not meant for you, it simply will not come.  I was reminded of this message this #Ramadan.

I was offered this gift in Spain. It has someone else’s name on it.  It just may be those beautiful neighbours…