Working out, drugs and Bangladesh

“Hey bro, busy?”
 “Yo, what’s up?”
“Nothing, taking a break.”
 “Downtime eh?”
“Oh yeah.”
  “So how’s the work out going?”
“Good man.”
  “When you went back to Bangladesh, did you join a gym?”
“Yeah, I was working with a trainer.”
“Yeah man.”
  “They go trainers in Bangladesh?”
“Of course man. What do you think Bangladeshis?”
 “So people go out and all that?”
 “Like guys and girls?”
“Yeah man.”
“Yeah man.”
 “So guys and girls hook up and all. Wow.”
“It’s not a big deal. It’s not like Pakistan, no offense.”
 “So anything goes?”
[nod]”Anything goes.”
“Of course.”
 “You serious?”
“Yes man.”
 “But it’s an Islamic state.”