Juma and the lady

Parking lot was rammed.  I managed to squeeze the car in but in the meantime, I missed Juma.  I notice so many ladies.  Then I realized there was a funeral.  Typically when you see so many people on Juma, someone passed away.  I never seen so many ladies before for a funeral.  Clearly, the woman was very good…

The Janazah (funeral) prayer is different then a regular prayer.  The Imam explained how to perform it.   I found some info here:


There are NO Rukuh, Sujud, Athan, or Eqama.

Having the appropriate neeyah (Intention), raise your hands in the usual manner and say :  Alla-who Akbar .

Fold your right hand over the left hand in the usual manner.

Recite the Fatiha silently .

Then say : Alla-who Akbar.

Then recite the Tashahood .

The Tashahood is :- ( Allahumma sallee ala-Muhammad wa’ala alee Muhammad kama sallayta ala Ibrahim wa ala alee Ibrahim, wa barik ala Muhammad wa’ala alee Muhammad kama barakta ala Ibrahim wa ala alee Ibrahim, innaka hamidun Majeed).

This means : ” O Allah! Grant peace to Muhammad and his family as you did to Ibrahim and his family. O Allah! Bless Muhammad and his family as you blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly you are Most Glorious and Most Praiseworthy”.

Then say : ” Alla-who Akbar “.

Then make dua’ (Supplicate) for the deceased.

Then say:  Alla-who Akbar .

Then make dua (Supplicate) for all dead Muslims.

In the case of a dead baby or young child, make dua (Supplicate) for his parents.

Then say :  Assalamu alykum , like you say in other Salats. Tasleem could be said only once.