“Was it a Koran? Was he preaching modesty or the right to beat your wife?”

[These comments online have become so normal. Just another day, another ignorant person, another message of misinformation. The perpetrators do not realize that by spreading baseless ideas, it does harm on both sides. 1) It spreads misinformation, which creates hate, and perpetuates a never-ending hate cycle 2) It reinforces harm, and increases danger against Islamic communities, making them more vulnerable to violence, mistreatment, and creates an unreasonable atmosphere of suspicion, leading to bad policies. At the same time, increasing stress and compromising the mental and physical health of Muslims. It’s a terrible place to be in on the receiving end. But that’s who a Muslim is, isn’t it? Just a ball everyone kicks around, never truly taking the time to understand this faith, the misinformation, the years of damage caused of media and political policies on the psyche of Muslims. All the while sticking to their guns of misinformation, and not wanting to challenge their ideas at the very least, which can actually be a good thing. The Muslim is the refugee, that Morality will not accept. The Morality, that is, of modern Democracy of the ones who define good and evil conveniently and ironically.

User who makes the statement (in the title) later says their statement was NOT about Islam. In reply: You didn’t make this about Islam but you did: “Was it a Koran? Was he preaching modesty or the right to beat your wife?” Your culture apparently beats up women a lot every second as the stats prove. You don’t want to talk about that? Aww, how sad. You seem to be one of those beaten women because you just forgot the Qur’anic association you just made. Not only are you ignorant of your own culture and female bashing, you are devoid of knowledge of the Qur’an. You vile comments are laced with ignorance but that’s the same thing Trump did, speak without facts. Please enlighten the whole group as to how you correlate wife beating and the Qur’an? Don’t speak for an entire faith when you know nothing. Now go be an obedient wife like your bible says and come back with some evidence, context, and academic commentaries about the comments you just made. p.s. don’t give us a verse, EXPLAIN it. But I know you can’t, so you best shut up.