That’s why I moved here

1. Yes brother, where you from?
2. Turkey.
1. [I detect a French accent] Are you serious?
2. Yes.
1. Noooo…you look 100% Arab…like Moroccan…something North African maybe.
2. I am Turkish.
1. 100%?
2. Yes, 100%. [smile]
1. So why are you doing this kind of work? It’s so hot out man.
2. [smile.] I need to improve my English, so I need to talk to people.
1. So you’re Muslim?
2. Yes.
1. From France?
2. Yes, I was born in France.
1. In Marceille?
2. No, Paris.
1. Really?
2. Yes.
1. I heard they are really racist in France.
2. Yes, that’s why I moved here. Canada is much better.
1. Do they know who’s Muslims and who’s not?
2. Yes mostly, they can tell.
1. But you have a beard.
2. Yes.
1. Why don’t you just shave it off?
2. Why should I? It’s part of my religion.
1. But it will be easier for you to find work.
2. Yes but I am me…so why should I just change?
1. Are there mosques in Paris?
2. Yes of course.
1. People pray?
2. Yes many people pray. On Friday’s they have to close some streets sometimes.
1. Nice.