Sicily and Guyana

[At a barber shop]
1: Where you from bro? Guyana right?
2: Half.
[2 texting on phone]
1: Half?
[2 takes 15 seconds to reply. Texting on phone]
2: My dad’s Sicilian.
1: Oh. Muslim?
2: Nah man, Christian. I grew up, between parents. Sometimes here, sometimes there.
1: Oh. But you’re Muslim.
2: Yeah. May faith is like 50 50….like people like to judge based on where you’re from, but I chose Islam.
1: Yo, it’s no one’s business where you from, or anything. You choose what you are, you know?
2: Exactly. People be asking me like are you Arab, are you this, are you that? Are you Muslim enough. Whatever.